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Dear Rare Rare,

Are you gonna stay the night? Doesn't mean without the light!
Im in love with this song! Im on the bus singing in the very back. Everyone else is talking.  Not really paying attention to  the emo chik. Would you like a girl who cuts rare rare? I bet you would :3! Are you going to stay the night? Good my 2 friends came on the bus!  I love singing with them. We get loud at times but we don't care.  The people at my first period class are so fucking annoying they make fun of my drawings. I want to be a artist as a hobby when I grow up. They always say "your never be a artist" Im so close to yelling at them "Watch me Bitches! All have my name in neon lights. While your asses are working for me" My Rachet mom says I should say  "I'll pray for you" but Im not that Christan yet. When you say something fucked up to me, Watch out! I'll say something fucked up back.  You can't expect me to be nice when your constanly talking about me! They call my two friends and I the "Insane Trio" because they claim we kill people that talk about us. They claim we cut.  The only reason I come with bruises on my arms and legs because my "punishments" belive it or not im a big masochist. I like being cut up , tied down,whipped, chained,choked, all that good stuff.
Are you going to stay the.night ? Doesn't mean without the light!  My big butt fell asleep. Pins and fucking needles. I love typing and writing my feelings. Because if I say them I get funny looks. Anyway buses are unloading.

Thanks for listening,
Nikki, The sexist one in the Insane Trio! :3
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Submitted on
October 10, 2013